Tento blog je preventivním opatřením proti 1) smazání pevného disku, 2) spláchnutí flashky do záchodu, 3) krádeži, ztrátě nebo požáru, při němž by došlo ke zničení jedinečného šanonu s poznámkami a texty, 4) kombinaci všech předchozích katastrof. Vychází bez jakéhokoli žánrového omezení, a to zcela nevypočitatelně buď v češtině nebo v angličtině.

Instructions in English

Methodical Instructions on Breeding a Writer is a blog that aims to cover all the charming sides of a writer's life. Its author is a former human rights lawyer, who dumped law in order to exercise her right to writing and argues that above all its other undisputable benefits, writing can also earn one a living.

What is freelance writing? - Failing to get up early, then writing a paragraph or two (on my good days) and spending the rest of the time getting em to the readers. In the meantime sitting on a rock, staring at the sea, learning to distinguish the 12 kinds of coastal winds in Croatia, drinking wine and pretending that I am getting inspired and must not be interrupted (while being very aware that the only way to actually DO this job is to close myself up in a small dark room for twelve hours eating crackers with ketchup, panicking over a very tight deadline and finally writing the damn thing down, hating all organized people who practice yoga at sunrise). Any further questions - just ask me. 

If you made it all the way here, I must not disappoint you. For the (scarce) English texts within this blog, click here